Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Perinatal consult

This morning was our appointment at the University of Utah with Dr. Sullivan who is a Perinatal Specialist. After our scary appointment last month, they made us an appointment to go get an ultrasound with a specialist to check and make sure that everything was ok and that the spots they saw on our baby's belly either went away, or were nothing to worry about.
So bright and early this morning we made our way in the blizzard up to the hospital and I was so nervous I thought I was going to jump right out of my skin. They called me back immediately for my ultrasound. The girl looked around for a bit and once again, baby was moving around all crazy. She took a few measurments and showed us it's arms and legs and fingers and toes. Then I asked her if she was seeing the spots on the tummy and she said that she looked everywhere and she couldn't see anything wrong at all. No spots or anything. PHEW!!! What a relief. Then she looked to see if she could tell what the gender was and.... IT'S A GIRL!!! WOOHOO!!! Little Madyx is on her way!

The wedding is on Saturday and I am so excited! I feel like it has been coming forever! So that is the good news for the day! See you all on Saturday!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

We need

Go to google and type in your first name followed by the word needs. Post the first ten results, and see how many funny ones you get!

1. Megan needs.... a mirror. (yeah today i probably do.)
2. Megan needs... a hug. (sure...who doesn't.)
3. Megan needs... to gain ten pounds. (working on it.)
4. Megan needs... to upgrade. (nah... I'm happy. =])
5. Megan needs... a quiet home. (have one!)
6. Megan needs...to get Sarah’s contact information from Glenda.(sure it's been a while since I've talked to Glenda.)
7. Megan needs... a makeover. (sign me up.)
8. Megan needs... a summer intern. (ummm what.)
9. Megan needs...a plane ticket to a warmer climate. (got one, thanks! March 1st!)
10. Megan needs... a theme song and to work on gun contorol. (hahah yes and yes.)

1. Chase needs... to stop playing with peoples lives. (Yes he does!)
2. Chase needs...to settle down. (he is!)
3. Chase needs... your help. (Chase needs alot of help. =])
4. Chase needs... surgery. (he really really does.)
5. Chase needs... a foster home. (Not yet. =])
6. Chase needs... to be destroyed. (hahah please no!)
7. Chase needs... to win the lotto. (SIGN ME UP!!!)
8. Chase needs... a family. (we're workin on it!)
9. Chase needs... to be fixed. (hahaha a little too late for that. =])
10. Chase needs... a homefield advantage. (... ok?)