Monday, June 29, 2009

Doctors Appointment

Today I had the first of my weekly check ups till my little Matyx gets here. I asked my doctor about early induction or at least induction at 39 weeks a few weeks ago and she said it all depended on if I was dialating or effacing at 35 weeks. So I went into my appointment a little bit anxious today. AND THE NEWS WAS......
I am dialted to a 1 and 80% effaced! WOOHOO!!!! I was all excited about it until I called my aunt Sheila and she told me that she walked around dialated to a 3 and 80% effaced with Janessa... boo. But I guess I should just be patient because after all it IS still a while before my due date. I am starting to get so nervous! Every little pain that I feel I get more and more nervous! We have so many trips and family parties planned these next few weeks I hope she doesn't come at too inconvenient of a time like while we are up the canyon or in Idaho or something. I guess we will have to be a little picky about where we go and when we go! I am stressing the 15 minute drive to the hospital from our house, I think Chase might have to throw Dr. to the front of his name if it was any longer!
The baby room is almost done, just a few more finishing touches and then i will take some pictures and post them.
I had a baby shower on Saturday at my Mom's house, so as soon as Sheila emails me those pictures I will post them as well. Until then!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ketchup...Catsup...Catch Up. =]

WOW! I am such a flippin slacker! So much has happened and I have been shurking my duties on my blog. So now is the time to catch up... though I am not sure anyone even looks at this dang thing anymore... Oh well it is nice to vent I guess.
Me and Chase have been quite busy I suppose. I guess its a nice prelude to the super busy summer we have ahead of us. About a month ago we went camping in Delle, Utah with Chase's friend Rick and his family. We played around on the Razors and the Mules and it was a pretty fun time. It was quite the random camping spot. Just a bunch of trailers gathered closely together in the middle of a big dry field. But perfect for the recreational activities I guess!The first week in June was the girls' dance recital. Chase and I went and watched them and they did such a great job. They are both so cute and such good little dancers. My grammy and grampy came and watched as well and then we went and celebrated afterwards with some Pace's Dairy Ann. =] mmm. The next day was also my Mom's birthday... the big 3-0! Haha. I hope she had a happy birfday!

Last weekend we took a girls trip to St. George to go to the Tuacahn (?) theater and see Annie. We stayed in a pretty sweet condo in Santa Clara, and had an all around great time. I wish I wasn't pregnant as a Whale so I could have had some more quality pool time, but due to the fact I am not in the middle of my best bikini days, and I didn't want to overheat my womb, I monitored my time in the rays very carefully. AND I only had ONE traumatic episode in the pool. Don't worry everything was fine, and I didn't give birth in a Chlorine bassinet. My child is still in her rightful home for a few more weeks. Note to self... trying to tread ice cold water while 8 months pregnant calls for extremely painful stomach charley horses and cramping. As usual the girls all had a few silly moments, and we all had a blast together! I can't wait for next year! As you have most likely noticed from the previous pictures is that I am a ginormous whale. Yes, I am ready to pop. I am 35 weeks, and feel like I should be 78 weeks. I am so ready to be done, and I keep getting different weird little sicknesses and I can't handle it. I swear swine flu or west nile will get the best of me one of these days. I have my first baby shower on Saturday. I am pretty stoked on that... can't wait to get more cute baby stuff. I just feel like I am so close that it should just be here already. Pregnancy is over rated. Anywho... that is enough of an update. Gotta stay a little mysterious. =] Adios! =]

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Husband Tag

1. What is your husbands name? Chase Clayton... but he never gets called by his name... I have many nick names for him.

2. How long have you guys been married? 3 1/2 months

3. How old is he? 26

4. Who is taller? He has me beat. =]

5. Who can sing best? We both suck. Haha but Chase doesn't sing, he makes up his own raps.

6. Who is smarter? Umm book smart, me. Street smart, Chase. Smart ass, Chase. haha ok me.

7. Who does laundry? I do mine he does his.

8. Who pays the bills? Chase

9. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed when looking at it from bottom to the top? Me.

10. Who mows the lawn? Someone does it for us.

11. Who cooks dinner? Me.

12. Who is the first to admit they are wrong? Ha ha I am never wrong. Usually Chase will because he knows i am a crazy prego..

13. Who kissed who first? I had to kiss chase! But it was in the rain... awwww.

14. Who wears the pants? I do of course. Well, with some things. But Chase will put his foot down.